XDA promoting DashDroid , all the charts go insane

Two days ago , XDA wrote an article about DashDroid on their portal . Speciffically this one . Ever since then , the Dash popularity has literally gone insane! So many people are interested right now! I'm barely able to keep up with all the feedback for crying out loud! And I made so many improvements because of that! Also , all the charts are going bananas! The downloads have gone up exponentially , and now I have some stats I can actually rely on and use . I wanna thank XDA for the 1000th time for their support . You guys have made a bedroom developer happy and his work famous! P.S. : You know I'm taking Dash to the new level after this .

Dash 1.2.1 released - brings Multi-Transfer support , site changes

Ladies and gents , today is the big day! The people who have been following my Facebook page know from yesterday that DashDroid 1.2.1 is already live and bundles the new Dash Framework 1.2.1 with multi file transfer support . Today I am proud to also release its twin's newest version - DashWin 1.2.1 - up to date and packing the same features! You can find the download links for both on their respective pages on my website , along with a brand new changelog thingie I implemented on the website! Speaking of website changes , there have been a lot . Not necessarely visual changes , because I really like the way the site looks right now , but content changes . Some bug fixes , some dynamic content added , some content removed etc . Still working on it , so keep calm and enjoy the change! That's about it for now I guess . Will keep you updated if any new big thingie happens . Until then , happy dashing! -Uizz

Website goes live!

So this is the first website entry ... close enough! I will be using this website to keep everything I release organised , so that I always have some place to redirect people to when needed . More contet to come . Stay tuned!